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Here are my RS gold current levels/needed levels. (For hunter, the new dwarf quest may have a 61 hunting req). The skills with an asterisk (*) could be boosted with a potion (or other thing ). If you know the very best way to boost the level, please place it. I also do Penguin searching for extra exp. Brimhaven Course. Crafting: 65-66. Herblore: 50-65*Making strands with all the herbs I farm. Hunter: 49-55(61)*Hunting the best salamanders I can. Farming: 45-65*Farming trees, fruit trees and herbaceous plants for Herblore. Using Stealing Creation hammers to make steel platebodies. Tasks from Duradel. Sorcerer's Garden and Pyramid Plunder.

Alright, I just became a part in Runescape, obviously. So far I have started and finished some of the effortless member quests. But anyway, I need an introduction to the members' armors, weapons, and skills. In freeplay, it's simple to understand which armor is the best, since there are just a few armors (bronze to rune.) But now I have a bigger choice of weapons, armor, abilities, etc. I don't know where to start! What members' things are the"newb" things? What are the fundamental skills which are easy to understand?

So... I need to know what skills I should make an effort to level up. Along the way, I'd love to create money, so, preferably skills that make money. The sudden need for cash since I died and lost my armor. Only the brine sabre, plateskirt, and protect were abandoned. Annoying.I'm currently wishing to get back to Runescape and have several questions. I'm an old school player that has been playing since RS Classic, and finally quit playing once the new trade rule came around a while back. I had a funny feeling it'd ruin the game, so I moved on World of Warcraft instead. Having seen Runescape still going strong & not needing to carry on paying the £8.99 subscription fee for WoW, I've decided to come back to Runescape and only put up with the new trade system. It can not be that bad I suppose.

- Having been out of RS for a while now and never left a mage before I'm not quite sure where to begin. I've got an alt character (who I had been going to make to a ranger but never got around to it) who I'll be making to a Pure Mage. His stats are: Combat cheap OSRS gold Level - 32, Defence - 20, Ranged - 40, HP - 31. All his other stats are at 0 currently. Will his stats pose any problems, e.g. could I be better off starting from scratch as opposed to transforming this personality into a mage?
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