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Hey guys wish to go on the list and say that I disagree with wow classic gold changing vanilla. However, a position is being evaporated by tea, he's arguing what may occur. I'm not certain what this didn't get through. He believes thcceptable wow player. In this manner he had a massive audience. As time went by, the accepted of the game fell. If you are just starting to watch it, then it's used why it's so common you can not see. Now he is not optimistic about the coming of the WoW. However, I dream he did not absolute his followers much. It'd accept been bigger if he did not put his ideas.A good deal of things he said here and you had a 1h video and I can only sort atm but I wounder if he heared what they advised us till now, like more and the Blizzcon interview. People not having to work to their own stuff will be made by the token. You inspect 95% of these characters in cities and everything you see are those people in pre raid BiS. Like that opened their pockets who did work and struggle to it. Seems he could not care much about WoW Classic, but he'll play with it in case you do.

Hey guys, only need to go on the list and say that I totally disagree with vanilla. However, tea is evaporating a stance, he is arguing what might happen. I am not sure what this didn't get through. He believes the wow token may occur because Activision sucks and the purpose about endgame changes are what he considers will create vanilla more accessible. I believe Tea Thyme made lots of things. Lets face it, developers don't decide what finally enters the match....they just execute the"app" created by the decision makers of the business. There will be gold in wow classic changes, there are changes planned, it's just how heavy will the changes proceed??
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