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My main guitar is an old Danelectro 22.5" scale six string. I love it, but it is sort of unruly / unpredictable and limited in tonal options. It's the one-pickup version. Been looking for a Fender shortscale a while. Vintage market is kind of a drag, anything from the 60s, no matter how awful and worn people are aking crazy prices for. I found one nice playing '73 for $1300. I just feel I'll get more for my money another route. I played one of the 2013 Chinese Mustangs at a shop, decent guitar but lots of unbranded hardware and not the best feel. I didn't plug it in.

Considering a couple options:
1) Fatdawg of Subway Guitars in SF is sitting on what's left of old Danelectro necks. They do custom dano-style guitars with those brilliant old necks for 500ish. I'm sure to love what they come up with but It might be too similar to my current Dano. Kind of looking to get sustain and less 'constriction' in the sound.
2) Warmoth. Damned Vintage Fender market drove me here. Finished Mustang style neck and body made in the states for 700ish. There is a muff warmoth thread, sduck jlr and others seem quite pleased with their work. I'm a little worried about setting the neck (though I've done it on numerous strats). I can definitely find a tech around here who will help me do final assembly/setup.
What else is out there for us with carney hands? Gibsons are often too heavy for me, and 24.75" is a stretch. Anything cool I should haunt CL/pawnshops for?

Please help

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